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t1.gif (918 bytes)he field of applied energy, air quality management and emissions control has become increasingly complex, diversified and ever more imperative to the health and safety of a growing population.  Although there is no shortage of component manufacturing of thermal power plant equipment or qualified construction companies, client inquiries underscored the vacuum existing between the Energy User on one hand and the equipment manufacturer, construction company and financial institutions require underwriting the projects and the other. 

a1.gif (929 bytes)LLIED ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering firm.  It was founded to meet industry needs for solving challenging emissions and applied energy development problems.  The company's objective is to provide a wide variety of professional services, including custom engineering, specialty systems design, manufacturing and implementation, and support to industry in emissions control, heat and mass transfer, waste management and applied energy systems, with a focus on advanced combustion systems and emissions control.  

t2.gif (918 bytes)he company is also an engineering consulting services provider to the utility and industrial users, specializing in contract research and development, the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology and other modeling techniques to solve problems related to gas/solid flows, combustion and heat transfer in areas including coal, ash and other solid materials handling, transfer and distribution.

a1.gif (929 bytes)LLIED develops and commercializes innovative new ideas using our in-house specialists and bringing together consultants, engineers, and scientists from key partners throughout the world.


t3.gif (918 bytes)he foundation of the ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is excellent service and quality.  Over the years, ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL's personnel has accumulated and maintained the leading body of theoretical and practical knowledge.  A continuous program of evaluation, application and improvement ensures our customers the most advanced, practical solution to their needs.  Our staff's combined experience brings to a client years of extensive experience in the engineering, technology research and development, demonstration and implementation with multitude of US and Foreign Patents besides a large number of papers and technical publications published or presented at the National and International Conferences and Symposiums.  Allied Environmental Technology's fields of expertise are:

Applied Electrostatics Computer Modeling Gasification & Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Applications
Advanced Energy Custom Engineering, Design & Manufacturing   Gas Turbine Facilities
Air Pollution Control Emissions Monitoring Industrial Automation 
Catalyzes, Processes & Catalysts Applications Fluid Dynamics Materials Handling
Conventional & CFB Combustion Systems Fluid Mechanics and Multi-Phase Fluid Flows Simple and Combined Cycle Systems Integration

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t1.gif (918 bytes)he proficiency of our staff spans many years of diversified experience. ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. employs a staff of engineers and contractors that include the following disciplines: mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, and controls. ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL partners with outside consultants on a regular basis including metallurgical and structural engineers. The broad experience of this group enables ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL to perform a wide range of projects from concept through delivery, installation and start-up of complete systems, including development of field construction and installation details for turnkey projects and production of system Operating and Maintenance Manuals. Typical projects include process design, development of process schematics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment sizing, selection and specification, equipment layout, skid design, production of manufacturing drawings, bills of material, piping design and stress analysis.

f1.gif (929 bytes)ollowing is a brief list detailing Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc.'s team expertise in association with specific fields and tasks handled. Specialty equipment may be designed, manufactured, delivered and installed. Turnkey projects are available.


Combined Cycle & Co-Generation Plants Development & Engineering

Liquids Atomization and Injection
Fluidized Bed Combustion

Mass Heat Transfer


Processes in Fixed and Moving Beds

Gas-Solid Flows (2D & 3D)

Plasma Gasification

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants Development & Engineering

Waste-to-Energy Applications


Barrier Filters

Flue Gas Conditioning

WET ESP/Condensing Heat Exchanges

Mechanical Collectors

Electrostatic Precipitators

NOx Emissions Reduction

Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)



e1.gif (933 bytes)xtensive programs for clients assessing both the technical and economic merits of the proposed emissions control technologies. Complete air emissions testing and analytical services. Specialized techniques are generally used in a variety of test applications, such as the measurement and analysis of air toxic emissions and the combustion equipment thermal performance. Source and compliance testing is supervised and conducted according to all Federal, State and local regulatory test methods.  Representative activities for several specific examples are outlined below:

Advanced Energy Systems

d1.gif (946 bytes)esign, conceptualization and engineering of Combined Cycle, Co-Generation plants with conventional and Fluid Bed Combustors, as well as combustion turbine power plants.

d1.gif (946 bytes)esign, conceptualization and engineering of advanced Biomass Gasification Plants for the synthetic fuel gas production or with Integrated Combined Cycle Systems capable of operating on a variety of renewable fuels.

s1.gif (917 bytes)ystems conceptualization, preparation of specifications, bid evaluation, design and testing services supervision, assessment of subsequent startup, operating experience and reporting.

h1.gif (952 bytes)eat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics in Advanced Energy and Combustion Systems

n1.gif (956 bytes)umerical simulation of heat transfer in combustion devices;

m1.gif (979 bytes)odeling of gas-, oil-, and coal-fired combustion, swirling flows, and flow in heat exchanges and porous media.

e1.gif (933 bytes)ngineering and consulting services for Acid Rain compliance, SO2 and NOx emissions reduction.

a1.gif (929 bytes)sh, coal and limestone handling systems development.

s1.gif (917 bytes)team Plants conversion and re-conversion to coal, lignite or peat firing

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DRY & WET Electrostatic Precipitation  

e1.gif (933 bytes)lectrostatic Precipitators (Dry ESP) operation analyses and evaluation, computer modeling, performance evaluation, and guarantees development.  Start-up, Commissioning, and Project Supervision.

e1.gif (933 bytes)lectrostatic Precipitators (Wet ESP, WESP) design/operation review, analyses and evaluation, computer modeling, and performance evaluation.  Start-up, Commissioning, and Project Supervision.

s1.gif (917 bytes)tack Opacity analyses and evaluation. Opacity computer modeling.

s1.gif (917 bytes)tack Opacity compliance programs development and implementation.  Underutilized power generation recapture.

h1.gif (952 bytes)ot-to-Cold Precipitators conversion application analyses.

n1.gif (956 bytes)ovel methods and devices for electrostatic precipitation development, evaluation and modeling.


Precipitator diagram courtesy of Neundorfer, Inc.


Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC)

f1.gif (929 bytes)lue Gas Conditioning (FGC) applications evaluation, analysis and computer modeling.

f1.gif (929 bytes)GC agents required injection rate(s) prediction.

a1.gif (929 bytes)sh and coal analyses database maintenance.

s1.gif (917 bytes)ulfur, Ammonia and/or Dual  Flue Gas Conditioning Systems design, manufacturing, installation supervision, startup and optimization.

d1.gif (946 bytes)evelopment of innovative ways to automatically control FGC processes.

d1.gif (946 bytes)evelopment of novel methods for Flue Gas Conditioning.


NOx Reduction

s1.gif (917 bytes)NCR, SCR and Air Heater SCR technologies development:

s1.gif (917 bytes)NCR and SCR Systems performance prediction and computer simulation;

s1.gif (917 bytes)CR systems design, evaluation of the required catalyst volume and mixing distance, sizing and placement of the ammonia injection grids to ensure proper mixing and uniform distribution;

i1.gif (886 bytes)mproved injection systems development, design and engineering for SNCR and SCR applications.


Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling (CFD)

n1.gif (956 bytes)umerical simulation of flue gas flow in the furnace, flues, and fluid flow in combustion devices, air pollution control and flue gas treatment systems.

s1.gif (917 bytes)CR, SNCR gas distribution and processes modeling.

n1.gif (956 bytes)odeling of swirling flows, droplets trajectories and vaporization visualization.

m1.gif (979 bytes)odeling of the aqueous urea, ammonia and other reagents injection and time-release NOx reduction mechanisms.

d1.gif (946 bytes)uctwork design, gas flow and straightening vanes modeling to minimize pressure drop and flow non-uniformity.

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