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Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc. mission is to provide the highest quality service in air pollution control and applied energy to both public and private sectors worldwide.

We will carry out our mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally-responsible manner with respect for the rights of all people while protecting the Earth's environment.


Multi-Stage Collector (MSCTM)

(US Patents 6,524,369 and 6,932,857)


Click to see the MSCTM in operation

(please be patient as the file is rather large)

MSCTM with the hopper removed


New Arrivals to our Multi Stage Collectors Family

Space Efficient Hybrid Air Purifier

US Pat. 7,582,144

Multi Stage Collector for Multi-Pollutant Control. US Pat. No. 7,559,976

Space Efficient Hybrid Collector

US Pat. 7,582,145




Hybrid Wet Electrostatic Collector

US Pat. No. 7,597,750



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